More ROC Work

Hello All!

Just letting you all know some EXCITING NEWS! Zach and I have agreed that the film is really missing a little footage of finished pastel pieces, something that really shows the technique of the medium. And we are happy to say that one Irving Petin, a longtime customer of H Roche pastels, is having a show right now in Chelsea, at the Kent Fine Art Gallery. He will be giving us an interview, and showing some of his latest work on camera, over the holiday. He’s awesome! Go check him out!

Also very exciting is that several members of the Plein Air Society and the NYC branch of the Pastel Society of America have agreed to let us film their work and interview them about pastels. With their permission, I’ll be posting a few photographs from those film shoots. So keep an eye on your inbox!

Thanks again to all of your for making this film possible. I know some of you are still missing t-shirts and posters. Drop me a line if this is you and I will get this amended.

Thanks again;

Milo & Zach


Finishing Up & Starting Up

Hello All!

Sorry for the radio silence! I have been swamped with various projects (as the resume page shows) and with finishing up “ROC” and starting to pull things together for my next project!

I’ve been meeting with the fantastic Niko Onslaught for the soundtrack to ROC, and Zach and I are very happy with it! With any luck, we will be letting you all know the address for the inaugural screening of the piece, where Zach and I will be there to chat and I will be spouting info about fundraising needed for my next project!

Keep a look out for a video of Niko at work and for a new and improved storefront where you can actually buy t-shirts with PayPal and without emailing me! Yay!

Again, I want to thank everybody who contributes to my work in any and all shape or form. You know who you are!



Trailer, Take One

It’s here. I’ve just put the finishing touches on this trailer—granted, I need to be sure about the rights and regulations with Garage Band clips, but here is the trailer and the first sneak peek at the footage from this project! We are going back and forth between ROC and Roché for the title, so for now I just stuck the graphic that adorns the posters, t-shirts, and eventually the DVDs themselves.

You can view the video on the Kickstarter, here. Please leave feedback in the comments!




Going To Print!

You’re all probably eagerly awaiting the arrival of your goodie bags—and a date for a first screening! Well, we’ve been working hard on both, and here are photos of the tshirts for you, which we made ourselves:


Looking for Your Reward?

Hey everyone!

The editing is underway and has been for a while now. If you’ve donated to this project, you might be patiently awaiting your little thank-you prizes. Well, we can’t really send them without getting your info! So, please get in contact with us via the message we’ve sent out!

For those of you who didn’t donate, but who still want a shirt or a poster, you can order those through this blog!

Again, a big thank you to everyone for their continued support. Thanks to Kickstarter and you guys, we raised $3,364 online, and got about $2,000 in checks and cash. We hope to finish editing and scoring quickly, so we can out our baby through a round of festivals! If you want to keep following the progress, and maybe see some clips during editing, keep an eye this spot!

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart!

Day Five (The Last!) of Shooting

Apologies for the late update, as we had run into several snags over the past day or so and haven’t been able to get online!

Gradating the color was very fun to shoot, as the bright purple and white swirling together made for a cheery image. The day was exceptionally sunny, and it just felt like summer all around. Two of the gradations were pressed and rolled, and a sample of each gradation was made into a very fragile “mock-up stick” for the purposes of the shoot. They can be used, but far more prone to shattering than a normal pastel would be.

While Zach stayed glued to the process and shot all the main footage, Milo took the second camera and ran around shooting all of the non-process shots we had yet to film. It took a bit of running around, but, in the end, we got everything we could have hoped for, and made our train back into Paris!

Before we left, Margaret and Isabelle made a gift of the mock sticks to us. Below you can see a picture of this (presently unnamed) beautiful new shade of violet, which will be available in the months to come from Roché pastels!

We finally finished filming on Friday, and Isabelle and Margaret managed to (despite the impracticalities) complete a full range of color for us. Normally, this process could take months to complete but they worked unremittingly every day, determined to show us as much as they could. Thanks to their enormous efforts and shared passion to the film, we managed to capture not only the entire invention and production of a new color, but their truly enlightened and charming insight to a largely unexplored dimension of the art world.

Now we intend to make the best film we can to repay them for letting us have such unlimited access to their private world. We will continue to include our Kickstarter friends with our progress as we edit, and we look forward to sharing the eventual finished product! Thank you thank you thank you for all of your support.

Day Four of Shooting

Yesterday we finally got to see the roche boutique! we set up camera and shot the product before opening. unfortunately the shop was a bit too tiny to be able to film while customers were inside, so as the shop activity grew we were forced to shoot elsewhere. and after there was simply no other exterior angle of the shop and surrounding neighborhood to be shot, we felt satisfied enough to allow some time to dedicate to tourism.

we didn’t get to see the eiffel tower or eat a croissant while wearing a beret, but we found a mask shop and got to wear a hose head while climbing the 300 steps of the sacre coeur and saw the moulin rouge. there is plenty of art hanging in the louvre which were made with roche pastels, so tomorrow we plan on returning to the city in order to get some of those visuals.

today we plan on finishing up all of the interior shots of the maison du pastel, and if the process of gradating the colors goes smoothly for isabelle and margaret, then we will be able to have the entire process of inventing and new color on film. they also have yet to name this color, but if that also manages to be solved today then we may be able to have a labeling sequence. in any event, we have enough now to compile footage from other colors to illustrate the entire process, so today will be getting the substance that will make the film more than just an illustration. this is turning out well and is forming a wonderful and lighthearted film that we both can be proud of, but today we plan on capturing whatever mystery footage that we can all feel we are lacking, in order to really make this special. so that is our very vague goal for our last day, and probably most difficult, but we’re optimistic that we’ll get it.